Clues to Grow Big to Get Power Meter in Play Doh Jam iPhone

Backflip Studios has launched Play Doh Jam as a roll and shoot game that you can play both on the iOS and Android phones

play doh jam modeling compund walkthrough ios android

In this game, you play as a rolling play doh ball to roll down the hill, smash into as many monsters as you can that will hep you grow bigger, then launch off the end to send the monster flying as far as you can.

To do that, all you will do is to drag your finger on the screen to make a path and roll over your character toward targets along the way.
If you can squash with your play doh ball, the ball becomes bigger and rolls faster.
In the mean time, you can also roll over a bunch of awesome powers for special bonus boosts.

In order to roll your ball from side to side, just draw lines in the hill.
Try to roll backwards if you are quick with the fingers.

Later on, you will have a chance to unlock some free Play Doh, aside from what you earn in the levels
To make it happen, just go and watch the ad videos in the in app purchase store.
Every time, you have watched a promotional video, you will earn 100 Play Doh
Thus, just keep watching them infinitely to get a new play doh for free in this game

On the other side, you may have to upgrade the hills and make new monsters, bigger one that will give you more play-doh when you hit them
Every time, you hit them, you will grow bigger.
Meanwhile, every time, you get more play doh, you will unlock even more monsters to hit to grow bigger

You may try to launch the monster a greater distance
In line with this, you can start swiping forward over and over to speed up your ball of play doh.
If you have bigger play doh and swipe faster, you will send the monster flying farther.

Once going through some progresses through the game, you will get enough meters which will be useful to unlock a power play in the game.

This power play will change you into a gigantic ball of play doh
For such reasons, it will be far easier to smash a lot of monsters at once.
Anyway, it is highly recommended to save them up after you have the last monster on a specific hill


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