Clues to Get The Exit in Tilt Quill`s Quandary iPhone

If you like playing a puzzle game with some interesting gameplay elements, you may try Tilt: Quill’s Quandary which offers hand-crafted puzzles around 100 levels of mind-bending, where you will do deck-tilting, hog-rolling, physics-based gameplay on your ios device.

tilt quill`s quandary walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to tilt your phone a lot to slide the cargo and rearrange it to grant Captain Quill safe passage.

Again, playing this game will be challenging stuff whereby you will be on your quest to help that adorable little hedgehog escape from some sticky situations.

In order to guide him to the exit, you must try not to jerk your phone back and forth.
Just do it very gently and subtly when making movements in various directions to get some platforms to move while keeping others.

On the other side, you may rotate your phone and look at each puzzle from a different perspective, in which it may help you as you you will find a solution to get to the exit

Besides, you must remember each pattern when trying to solve all 100 levels in the game
In this physics-based puzzles, you will move a smaller block to get it out of the way of a larger one, or you can let gravity take over guide your hedgehog where you want him to go next.

For such reasons, it will be better to take note of these patterns and remember them when you move around trying to get to the exit


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