Clues to Get High Score in Creep Shock iPhone

Tastypill has launched their newest debut related to a bouncing game, Creep Shock made specially for ios and android platforms

creep shock walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will simply bounce the creep to get through some obstacles and gain score as high as you can

In other words, you will get to bounce bouncing a decapitated head from stick to stick, while executing each jump with painful perfection in order to land the square then go to the next stick without overshooting or undershooting your target.

To play this game is pretty simple as you will merely tap to jump the creep going through movable pillars or sticks on the screen
When performing your action, you must try to time your jumps while trying to avoid falling into the void

One thing to remember is that the head lands on each stick, it unbalances the stick and causes it to sway forward a bit.
In line with this, you have to hop off the stick before it falls over completely or they will slide off the edge and fall into the abyss to make the game is over.

Here, the sticks in this game are made in a staggered formation, with some are higher or lower than the others
For such reasons, you will have to time you jumps just right in order to get the trajectory down perfectly in one piece.

Anyway, for those who love in physics major, they can think that the graph lines in the background can serve to help them formulate some mathematical equation about trajectory and inertia in this game.

In addition, the main point is to time your jump and learn what is the incoming sticks as they will always move once you have landed on them
If you can keep your rhythm of your jump, you may be able to go for further and get the highest score among others


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