Clues to Get High Score Coins in Go Pug Go iPhone

Go Pug Go can be included into a new endless game that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices where you control a pug running around endlessly, while trying to avoid falling stalactites on each stage.

go pug go walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to guide your character to run as long as possible, so that you will get many points and coins as your rewards

When performing your action, your character will run around in automatic and it can also change directions automatically when it hits the side of the screen.

In the mean time, you are also be able to change your character`s direction that you can do by tapping on the screen.
Note that tapping it tap too fast can hit the side of the screen
For such reasons, try to hold your pug in the corner of the screen as long as you like.

Sometimes, you will need to get your character pinned in the corner of the screen
Doing this will be the best way to avoid falling stalactites for a awhile.

At the same time, always look at the top of the screen so that you can see which ones are about to fall next.

As said earlier, you will have to collect coins during the gameplay
Here, you will see coins and clocks which always will pop up in the various levels.

Getting a clock will make the whole game slow down for certain time.
And, you can get a coin to be collected for useful items

Always stay alert of the ground popping up and down in random.
Plus, you must watch on the varying speed of the stalactites whereby if you gain more points faster they fall in fast
Moreover, you will encounter bigger variation in related to the speed of the falling spikes
Therefore, you must focus on avoiding to get hit by all of those spikes.

In addition, this game may pop up certain ad while you are playing it on the screen
You can get rid of this ad by setting your phone into an airplane mode

Anyway, it will highly be recommended to purchase the ad removal from the store to show your appreciation of someone`s else work


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