Clue and Hints of Scrabble Pics All Puzzle Answers iPhone

Backflip Studios will test your knowledge to answer some photos or images through its newest game which is named as Scrabble Pics, the world’s favorite word game on mobile platforms, ios and android

scrabble pics walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of addicting one where you will imagine a cross between 4 Pics 1 Word and a crossword puzzle.
Along the game, you must find the word corresponding to all of the pictures sideways and across then try to solve fun photo crossword puzzles that you can do with scrabble letter tiles

Anyway, this game uses photos as clues to make a new type of crossword game combining visual deduction with expert vocabulary skills.
At this point, you will have to decode the photo and use your word skills to go to the next level.

If you get stuck to answer an image on each level, you can use a hint or ask your Facebook friends for helping you answer that image

As said before, this game uses photos as crossword clues where you have to solve 125 increasingly challenging crosswords as well as finding the right word for each photo clue
So, just take a look around of these answers of each level you are playing

Puzzle 1 answer is Ape, Sea, Hat
Puzzle 2 answer is Paw, Ice, Net
Puzzle 3 answer is Rip, Rise, Idle, Deer
Puzzle 4 answer is Pen, Cave, Apes, Want
Puzzle 5 answer is Ran, Dice, Unit, Odd
Puzzle 6 answer is Pro, Sear, Pane, Ask
Puzzle 7 answer is Cast, Area, Tier, Ant
Puzzle 8 answer is Fat, Axis, Redo, Dew
Puzzle 9 answer is Rat, Lice, Opts, Pest
Puzzle 10 answer is Swat, Nova, Iron, Pew
Puzzle 11 answer is Trap, Role, Idol, Left, Lot
Puzzle 12 answer is Fog, Pour, Acne, Race, Sled
Puzzle 13 answer is Cab, Solo, Icon, Loud, Lads
Puzzle 14 answer is Sag, Tile, Urge, Seas, Knee
Puzzle 15 answer is Gas, Rump, Idea, Dill, Sole
Puzzle 16 answer is Top, Rope, Ones, Mark, Play
Puzzle 17 answer is Stun, Hole, Once, Teed, Dry
Puzzle 18 answer is Cam, Lace, Okra, Veil, Eddy
Puzzle 19 answer is Sped, Taxi, Eager, Alert, Rest
Puzzle 20 answer is Cap, Stair, Table, Alley, Reeds
Puzzle 21 answer is Fled, Plane, Aorta, Navel, Start
Puzzle 22 answer is Peat, Bathe, Usher, Steam, Herds
Puzzle 23 answer is Claw, Halos, Above, Tenet, Lens
Puzzle 24 answer is Crab, Ready, Idiot, Genre, Dyes
Puzzle 25 answer is Amp, Flora, Attic, Meter, Erode
Puzzle 26 answer is Bras, Reset, Olive, Widen, Scent
Puzzle 27 answer is Car, Blade, Roman, Inept, Melt
Puzzle 28 answer is Pat, Smite, Canon, Amend, Base
Puzzle 29 answer is Ham, Grove, Loser, Owing, Venue, Edge
Puzzle 30 answer is Sat, Press, Adept, Retry, Kneel, Tree

In addition, you will be brought to answer 125 total puzzles in this game.
So, just wait the other answers for the rest of the levels of this game


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