Chips Cheats in Poker Heroes Android

Poker Heroes form iDreamsky is a card battling combat game where you will be brought to command a devastating squad of heroes on the android platform mainly.

poker heroes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to survive with your heroes you are building
Later on, you must train and upgrade your heroes to beat and catch the enemies and work together to raise your ultimate victory

Here, you will have to build strong poker hands
In the mean time, you must place a bet before playing against enemies on the board.
When doing so, try to build a poker hand of one pair of Jacks
The main key to win the game is having stronger poker hand

Besides, to get easy job here, you can use the boosts at the bottom of the screen, a free re-flop.
There, if you get the three cards flopped, do not help your hand, and give it a try
To solve this, you must get enough chips to try the hold boost
At the same time, just tap hold and select one of the three flop cards, and card will be held to be used on the next flop.

Always gather up units with heal attributes to increase your deck’s healing ability.
Do this when playing a card in the suite of Heart

In this game, some cards will have color coded, red, green, or blue.
Every represents to a element, Rock, Scissors, Paper, respectively.
When playing a card with an affinity against an enemy, you will get a 2x damage bonus.
Always remember the formula rock – scissors – paper – rock.

For further, try replacing weaker units in your deck with stronger units.
Then, upgrade units to increase their statistic eventually reaching their maximum potential.

Afterward, you can promote units to increase their maximum potential since every unit will have a recipe of materials needed to complete the promotion.
You can get materials from the special events and the daily missions


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