Chickenfeed Coins Cheat in Day of the Viking iPhone

If seen from the review of Day of the Viking, this game can be categorized into strategy game where you will have to protect your castle at all cost

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In this game, your castle and princess are in critical situation whereby viking attack your castle and princess will count on you to save her and the castle

Throughout the game, you will go through 80 Assault missions, 10 Challenge levels, 40 trophies in which you will be assigned to beat a bunch of enemies that will come continuously
At this point, all you will have to do in this game is to use intuitive touch controls to clash with the viking clan and you must also make a fortress to defend your castle

In the way of defending your castle, you will be helped by various units and weapons
Your units are archer soldiers, slingshot range, slingshot operators, runners and architect
Having Archer Soldiers will allow you to add an archer to your garrison.
If you want your rocks to fly longer, you can use slingshot range.
Meanwhile, slingshot operators will be needed to your garrison.
Make sure to add a runner to your garrison.
Recruit architect to make a defense with stronger walls for your fortress.
Plus, you will also be equipped with weapon like arrows that will fly longer and additional booster slot

In related to your weapon, you will have your main weapon which is your arrows so make it your upgrade priority than other upgrades.
Offense upgrades is your top priority before others as you will not need Architect upgrade if you have a high level upgrade of arrows and slingshots.

Anyway, having some boosters are just a waste of coins as it lasts only per usage
However, upgrades will last in long period than boosters.
Be sure to improve your projectiles if you current upgrades are powerful enough for your current stages or levels.

This game will require coins as the main currency to do some upgrades and to empower yourself
In order to gather up some coins, you can repeat the previous level that you have beaten.
Playing in old levels will give you an opportunity to gather some coins so that you will be able to upgrade your arsenal.

Alternatively, the best way to earn more coins quickly is by building a combo and creating some bonus hit.
Here, you can try hitting multiple enemies with one rock that will be useful to build a combo
Moreover, some bonuses that can make contribution to coins are Billiard Shot, Furious Vikings, Knock Down Vehicles, Destroy Vikings Tower, Jump Kills, Squashed.
So be sure to put this bonus ass your first priority.

Along the game, not all of your projectiles are useful.
Later on, when upgrading projectiles, you have to know which one to be upgraded first.
You can upgrade those projectiles fully such as Pyrotechnic, Gardener, and Contractor.
But, projectiles upgrade that you have to leave out is Beekeeper as it only delivers a small damage overtime and it does not even deal enough damage to Sven.

On the other side, upgrading the arrow fully will slow down Sven, the giant vikings while you prepare the rock.
You have to add and upgrade runners that will come to more coins, so getting runner upgraded fully will defeat the first two enemies in their way.

For further, having even three stars will not be necessary as those start will not increase more coins to you.
Having those stars will only provide you a chance to brag yourself to your friends.
Later on, just finish the level with your best effort.

In the next levels, they will be hard to you to finish, in which you will have to bring some boosters before you start the levels.
In line with this, you can use Fire Arrows and Airstrike boosters as they will contribute a lot of damage to the vikings
Plus, having Airstrike booster can even wipe all the vikings attacking your castle


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