Cherry Cheats in Pac-Man Friends iPhone

PAC-MAN Friends is a simple, maze like arcade game developed by Bandai Namco.
In this game, you will be prompted to collect all the pellets and rescue Pac-Man’s friends then navigate the castle with them.

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At the beginning of the game, you will have to eat the pellets in a quick manner
At this point, the tiny pellets will reward you 10 points each
And, if you eat them constantly they will be worth for each pellet you eat.
You lose this bonus though if you eat another pellet in long time.
Thus, make sure to see a row of pellets, and try to straighten yourself out so that you will be able to eat them all at a time for gaining the maximum amount of points

Early on, you will be served with many modes of control, but the default is tilt controls.
Here, you will be allowed to taste four different modes of tilt control, all of which correspond to how you are holding your phone.
Tilt controls is the default one which is great, but they are a little too slow though.
At this point, you can try increasing the sensitivity
To get your style, you may try to set the controls to the joystick option.
Also, the d-pad option will be a little handy, but if you want to get a little more precision, you can use the joystick option.

After reaching the seventh level, you will be able to utilize your invisible Pac-Man
Because of this, you can rescue the invisible Pac-Man as he can go through ghosts unharmed
Therefore, he will be very useful for gathering pellets which are guarded or too risky to get with a normal Pac-Man.
Furthermore, some levels will even get you to use his invisibility powers, so just maneuver him around

Later on, you will be assigned to confirm your star objectives before you start for further steps
When playing this game for the first time, you are given a list of three objectives then you need to reach to get all three stars on a level.
They will vary from level to level, but it is not similar to other objective-based games, you will not actually need to do a specific set of things in order to collect the stars.
As an illustration, some levels will need you to get a certain score threshold.
At this time, grabbing fruit would be helpful
So, if you can beat the level fast enough you may be able to eat some ghosts along the way, as you reach the score criteria.
As a result, you can be a lot more efficient after doing so

Meanwhile, in the way of earning the rest of stars, you can redo levels
At this phase, you do not need to try to get all three stars at a time.
All you will have to do is to knock off any of the requirements that involve time first, like the conditions where you need to beat the level under a certain time limit or you need to reach a certain score
When doing this phase, your score is constantly draining, if you take longer, your score will naturally be lower though.
After taking care of those, you can deal with the rest of the objectives at your own speed, so you can take your time and reach those high scores as well


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