Chain Coins Cheat in Drancia iPhone

Urara Works has presented the game with retro style and cute pixel art graphics as well as soundtrack of over 20 vintage, Famicom-style chiptunes which are wrapped in Drancia game for ios and android devices

drancia chains walkthrough iphone android

In this game, you will be allowed to take a role more than fifty different types of characters
Your main goal in this game is to beat hordes of monsters and unravel the mystery of Drancia
You will also get involved in the battle with unique bosses in each stage

When attacking the enemies in this game, you simply move towards enemies to attack with your weapon.
At the same time, you can also use your skills to deliver chain combos to rack up coins and level up through the skill tree
And, when dealing with the bosses, make sure to aim for their weak points in which this circumstance is that way to beat that bosses.

Once having tough battle with the enemies, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to upgrade skills and improve you character.
Anyway, the number of skills and types that you can obtain may vary form one character to another.

Before going to the next level, make sure to check your skill type first by tapping on the skills screen.
If you see an empty skill blocks, it means that skill will do nothing if upgraded.

Besides your skills, you will also be able to get your magic skills that you can use to activate the magic button.
You can use magic until your gauge depletes.
Your magic gauge will refill when you level up or clear a stage.

After getting some coins, make sure to do suggested upgrades toward your characters
Getting hearts will help your HP recover faster, so that you will live longer in the battlefield.
On the other side, HP will also recover when you collect coins along the game.

In addition, you will try to make chain combo that you can do by defeating enemies without getting hit.
Later on, you can sue that combos to get special items and increase the coin multiplier on enemies.
With these combos, it will be easy to beat enemies and to rack up coins as well


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