Celerium Cheats in Call of Duty Heroes iPhone

Activision Publishing brings Call of Duty Heroes which is the new entry in the CoD franchise to mobile both for iphone and android.

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Similar to the predecessor, this game can be said as first person shooters, but there are quite a few familiar heroes from the rest of the franchise.

Along the game, you will be served with three kinds of resources that you can collect, with the two main ones being gold and oil.
Besides, gold and oil, celenium is the third one that is important here.
Once getting it, you can save it up until you have enough for another builder, then you can use this to speed up your base massively.

You will be able to collect free Celenium by unlocking the achievements, which there are currently 20 of with far more coming and they will add up over time.
On the other side, in the way of getting it more, just get rid of the trees, rocks and other garbage around the base for gathering uo free celenium.

Also, max out your deployment yards, and increase their upgrade level, so that you can increase the total number of troops that you can unleash at a time.
Use the Ballistics lab to upgrade your human troops, so that they will be stronger.
Moreover, upgrading troops will become the key as you get more advanced in PvP.
Just try earning Reputation Points in large numbers with crappy troops.

Protect, your base with barriers in order to make it much tougher to penetrate
But, if you run out, then use them mainly to block off more important buildings such as in the command center, and your gold and oil storages and collectors.

Meanwhile, just stick your command center outside of your base for easy command center snipes from other players, to throw you into shield mode so that you can farm effectively.

To get more resources, look for people who abandon their bases as it will make for incredibly easy farming targets.
You can tell who they are because their bases will start to overgrow with trees.
Doing this will make easy farming targets as all of their gold, diamonds and oil that will be in their collectors, not in their storages.


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