Cash Tickets Cheat in Moonrise iPhone

Kabam has revealed its newest game, Moonrise that is a monster-battling or RPG where you can raise your own stable of monsters to deal with a dark threat which has been turning the local wildlife into uncontrollable creatures.

moonrise walkthrough ios android

In this game, each Solari will have elemental strengths and weaknesses which is one strong against another ones
On the other words, Solari are strong against certain elements, and weak against others.

Fire Solari will be strong against Nature-types, but it is weak against water.
Water Solari will be strong against Fire, but it is weak against Electric.
Nature-types are able to trounce water types, but falter against Fire-types.

When selecting an attack to use against a rival Solari, you can see arrows pointing up indicating the attack will do extra damage, while arrows pointing down indicating less damage will be done.

Later on, you can identify Solari types through the icon in the left-hand corner of their character portrait which will give you a clue about what attacks to use against it and what to defend against.

Furthermore, make sure to use your warden skills in which they do not have to be hands-off during a battle.
On the other side, you can also equip certain attack orbs, that can let join you in on the fight. Generally, you can instantly end a battle against a warden by taking that warden down but it will be difficult and takes time, since only wardens can attack other wardens.

If you want to get wild Solari, you will need warden keys that will regenerate slowly over time.
A single key requires a long time to regenerate, so you must use them wisely.

Along the game, dungeons will contain multiple floors, and each floor requires a ticket for entry
In line with this, those tickets regenerate over a lot of time
And, if you run out them, you can still battle wild Solari and other wardens on the surface as much as you like to get those tickets.

During in the battlefield, when seeing a battle commences, you do not have to wait for powerful attacks to charge.
Firstly, you can open it with a weaker, that will be immediate attack whereby weaker attacks will charge very quickly, and stronger attacks will need more preparation time.
When a battle begins, you can try to use attacks which are immediately available to you.

Anyway, when being in the same vein, using multi-targeting attacks will require a long time to charge, and a long time to prepare it.
At the same time, you can use two or more single-target attacks that still hit hard if they are used against a Solari’s elemental weakness.

Meanwhile, you can level up your Solari with essences and you can gain them by taking out wild Solari.
When you want to fight against other wardens, you will need cash
Also, you need cash when you want to level up your Solari
In related to this cash, you can get them by completing quests and battling against other wardens and their tamed Solari.

Except gold, you can also collect all available rewards by entering every room in a dungeon
However, getting in that dungeons will require a high cost of entry
So, just enter every room on a floor, even if you have unlocked the door to the next level in which you can find treasure and other rewards there.


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