Cash Seeds Cheats in Sandwich Empire Undercover War iPhone

Texas PFCG Aplicativos Ltda has recently presented Sandwich Empire: Undercover War which is similar to Weed Empire: Undercover War that was deleted from the Apple store.

sandwich empire undercover war strategy guides ios android

All you will have to do in this game is simple as you must build your own Sandwich Empire by planting your sandwiches and help the Police find the real sandwich dealer

In this game, you will be assigned to complete them main goal that is to grow “sandwiches” while fighting off the gangsters and cops
In the mean time, in order to grow your business, you can also gather information on the head of the local gang.

On the other side, growing your seeds will take much time in which you will add water to your seeds and wait the sandwich plants grow then sell them for money to your customers.

For such reasons, you can do the time lapse tricks that you could do in the original version of this game.
Firstly, plant sandwich seeds, then put the minimum necessary amount of water in them
Note that you do not need it to be all the way full for this cheat
Secondly, go to the date and time settings on your device.
Next, set the time ahead by however long it takes to grow all of them.

After doing so, you can now go back to the game to see that your plants have grown to their full height.
Seeing this, you can collect them, then go right back to the date and time settings.
Once doing that action, you can go to the date and time settings then set the time back to normal again.
Later on, when opening and playing this game, your plants will still be there that you can harvest and sell to your customers.
You can keep doing that action as you want to.

In order to get more sandwich, you have to fill your entire amount of pots as quickly as possible.
Afterwards, you are able to plant more sandwiches at a time
As a result, you can collect more, which will be especially necessary once you start customizing your den with decorations.

For further, you will be able to purchase a bunch of items from your customers as you go.
Purchasing the couch is the most ambiguous one, in which it increases the exp that you will earn from each sale from 1 to 2.
Moreover, this will definitely double the experience that you will earn from selling sandwiches while playing music at the same time.

In addition, if you can not have a deal with the cop or the gangster currently, you can shut the game in full
And, just go back to the game and play it again.
Here, they will come up again in a brief time, but either the cop or the gangster will not be there when you open up the game
Next, you can keep doing this until you can deal with them on your own.


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