Cash Plasma Cheats Terminator Genisys Revolution iPhone

Glu Games has recently launched their newest game, called as Terminator Genisys Revolution, a fairly-straightforward rail shooter that is adapted from the Terminator franchise’s latest movie.

terminator genisys revolution walkthrough ios android

As in the movie, you will guide John Connor to undertake against the Terminators and other cyborgs, such as spiderbots, where you will also be equipped with a massive selection of weapons, from incendiary sniper rifles to plasma-powered machine guns.

When being in the gun battle with the cyborgs, try to do head shots as these are still the most effective and quickest way of terminating the Terminators.
During the shooting, always aim at the head to the robots in which this will also save your ammo.

Along the game, you will be tasked to collect gold that is the premium currency of the game
Besides, you will also be brought to collect more cash form each mission you completed successfully

With all gold you have got, you can purchase better weapons.
In order to get gold for free, just go to the IAP store and tap on one of the two free gold options.
You will then be directed to a number of free offers that you can complete for gold
And, you will also get the other options which will let you watch advertisement videos in exchange for free gold.

After purchasing better weapons, you will have to to upgrade them with cash
Sometimes, you will only purchase them with plasma, which is another semi-premium currency.

In the way of getting these plasma, you must complete spec ops missions, which are far quicker and more difficult than the standard missions.
If you can do so, you can generally complete any of the standard ones.
At this point, you can also do a nearly endless train of upgrades on one single weapon.

Just make sure to only upgrade when you really need to As this will slowly save up your cash.
With cash you have got, you can purchase most new guns
Later on, you can complete every mission to get more cash and and use them on as few upgrades to your existing weapons as possible.
Also, save up your cash until you can afford a new weapon, and then buy it.

In addition, some special weapons will run off of plasma.
You can also get some of those off of the purchased packages, which requires a bunch of gold
On the other side, you can then get some of them by finding weapon parts in the spec ops missions.
Thus, just try to find enough weapon parts to build your own weapons.


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