Cash for Garfield Pack in PolitiCats Awesome Free Clicker Game iPhone

PolitiCats developed R2 Games can be included into a brand new clicker game, a combination of politics and cats which is specially designed for the ios and android devices

Along the game, you will play as a cat politician running for offices all across the country
Here, you will also be assigned to get votes, collect coins to purchase some upgrades used to move your way up the political chain to be the cat president of the nation.

Early on the game, your tapping will be far more powerful than your staff will be
So, you must upgrade this to win elections.
Doing such upgrade will maximize the impact of your tapping, so that you can tap with multiple fingers
To tap fast, you can use many fingers as you want, depending on the size of your screen.

On the other side, you will have to get money inform of cash that you can do in automatic way
In accordance with this, you can hire staff to earn you money when you are offline.
When you want to do this, you can turn off your phone for an extended period of time while you are sleeping

For such reasons, you must upgrade your staff with all of your money
According to this, you can always double your offline money earning by watching the ad video from the developer

Meanwhile, you may have to fill up the bar during an election
At this point, you may need to have your side raised over 50% by the time the election so that you will get a chance to win the election battle.
Moreover, if you fill the bar all the way to 100 percent, the election will end immediately

After winning 25 elections, you can retire and start from the beginning again
And, with tokens you can use them to get endorsements which makes a big impact on your earned votes
However, never use the tokens to upgrade an endorsement, because the upgrades barely increase the bonus and cost a whole lot of tokens.

In the way of getting more bonuses, you can spin the bonus wheel for a four hour bonus that you can do by watching a video.
Thus, to get more bonuses, you can spin until you get a 4x bonus by watching more videos popping up on the screen.

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