Cash Cheats to Get Rare Dinos in Jurassic World: The Game iPhone

In Jurassic World: The Game from Ludia, all you will do is to hatch and grow your dinos then go to the battle in the Arena for collecting cash and gold coins along the way.

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On the other words, all you will do in this game is to build, upgrade, feed and expand your park containing some dinos there

On the other side, you can also try to group your dinosaurs and buildings around decorations whereby these decorations can boost the income of your money cash
Anyway, placing the facilities in the right place will give you a few key structures a pretty decent boost.

Besides, you will also be prompted to complete certain missions
Sometimes, you need to build two guard towers and if you already have them constructed well you will have completed it that much faster to get more bonus

At this point, you must also focus on the missions to find the card packs that will often grant you upon the completion.

Early on this game, you must save your Cash during the tutorial rather than spending it to speed things up.

In the mean time, you will not need to evolve dinosaurs right away, but you can try to get everyone up to the first level cap.
Then you will have a small army of level 10s instead of a single level 19 and some 5s and 6s.

Here, you can feed your dinos until they reach max level then combine two together to evolve a stronger form.
Doing this will be great for the Arena and for collecting money fast
Anyway, having two of the same dino in a pen will give you a bit of a Coin boost.

After a couple of missions, you will be rewarded with Cash, the premium currency of this game
But, be sure not to spend it on extra incubators or speed up a second dino hatching or the growth
In line with this, spending the 10 Cash to activate another incubator does not permanently unlock it.

If you wan to get more cash fast, you can try to connect this game to your Facebook account
Once connecting your Facebook account to this game, you will be granted with a bunch of cash for free

In order to grow up your dinos, food is really vital here
Also, food will be essential to your progress in both the Battle Stages and in the Live Arena.
For such reasons, you must keep producing food, and keep funneling that food to your dinosaurs.

Furthermore, you will also need to increase the dinos collection in your park
In related to it, you have to use DNA to hatch more dinosaurs
To get DNA, you must complete missions and you must also get the champion when fighting against the other dinos in PvP duels.

You can try using this to purchase more dinosaurs that you have unlocked from the Market.
It is caused by having multiple dinos, especially for rare ones will give you a huge advantage for earning more money and for Arena fighting.

Meanwhile, you must also learn Class Advantages
Carnosaurs beat Herbivores
Herbivores beat Pterosaurs
Pterosaurs beat Amphibians
Amphibians beat Carnivores

When you want to party with your team, be sure to check a handy reminder chart by hitting the Info button, as they will often do give you a 50% damage and defense boost when you pair a dino against an opponent that is weak to its type.

When battling with the other dinos, you can try to use a meat shield, where it will give you a benefit to use a weak frontrunner to store up actions for your stronger creatures.
With that shield, they can take a few hits, then once they are down you can unleash a cyclone of teeth or claws on your opponents to beat them.

When your team is stronger, you can try to participate in the Live Arena like the plague that will offer you big bonus, cash or coins.

In that phase, you must play smart, plan ahead, and try to out-think your opponent move as your moves will determine your victory.



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