Cash Cheats to Get More Bullions in Toy Army iPhone

Toy Army from Daniel Floyd is a kind of action strategy game that is specifically designed for iOS devices in which this game seems to skyrocket on the top of the App Store charts.

toy army walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will have to do is to build up the most powerful squad consisting of army men and women, then send them into the battle with other players as well as computer controlled armies
In the mean time, you will also be tasked to collect collect coins and gold.

Later on, you will also have to upgrade a variety of powerful plastic soldiers and heroes, while building up a defensive base to defend your troops form incoming enemies.

When going to invade another base, you will have to use tactics to deploy your troops with different formations so that you can swipe out the evil boss, that will lead you to get your glory and earn you cash as rewards

When dealing with a boss battle, you can try to move your hero so that they will match up evenly against the enemy’s hero
At this point, if you see the enemy hero at the right on the edge of the screen, you can then place your hero one square from the edge of the screen

Doing this will allow you to sneak in two more troops on the side and deliver some extra easy damage to any enemy passing by.

Meanwhile, you can also change up the mix of troops that you will send into battle.
In accordance with this, try to maximize the amount of mortarmen as they will deliver explosive damage that can impact multiple troops at once

Sending more mortarmen will make them launch splash damage attacks at the enemy troops, so that the battle will finish very quickly because of the massive quantities of damage dealt.

Except mortarmen, you can have the air strike got has a chance to load up and bomb the enemy`s base at once

During the battle, you will get experience points to level up your troops
In order to get more experience points, you can replay older levels with all energy you have
Besides, playing in older levels will also give you more coins, that you can use to go to the Camp and upgrade your troops to be the strongest ones

In line with this, experience points will make you gain levels, so that you can unlock even more upgrades for your characters.

On the other side, you can also join a legion to make you more powerful
In this legion, you can help each other such as reinforcement troops, or completing construction of a building or the upgrade of a troop more quickly.

To make your troops strong, you must train them
For such reasons, you can make some construction project or upgrade project going on at all times
It is really important when you are about to get offline for an extended period of time.

Always prioritize to train your troops as they will lead you into glory
Then upgrade them once you have enough coins or cash that you can get through the game
Also, upgrading building will contribute everything else to the war effort.

In addition, this game will feature currencies in form of cash, gold, coins and bullions
To get gold coins, you can complete certain objectives in this game
And, if you can get victory in each battle, you will be granted with cash as your achievement rewards
In related to the bullions, you may have to purchase through iap store


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