Cash Cheats Rush Star Bike Adventure iPhone

JellyBus has the unconventional racing adventure game, Rush Star Bike Adventure where you can perform your action with your bike and explore areas such as rainy jungles, railroads in the midst boiling-hot magma, blizzard-striken villages and more

rush bike walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will be guided with how to play this game
To move your biker, control the direction with right and left screen touch
Always try to avoid obstacles then go to collect boost items in each stage
Once completing all the stages, get yourself challenged to make new record in chase mode

This game will feature coins and cash as the main currencies of this game
In order to get them for free, all you will do is to login daily

Every time, you want to unlock new stage but died at that stage, you can use revive.
Be sure to revive only once per single run as for every revive in a single run, the cost will multiplied by two
As an illustration, 1st revive will cost 2 cash, 2nd revive will cost 4 cash, 3rd revive will cost 8 cash and so on.

To collect some coins, you will get them scattered on the screen while you go for your adventure
Meanwhile, you will also be able to get free coins and cash through collectibles.
In accordance with this, you will also need to get the first collectibles first then your second or more collectibles will contribute a rewards of cash to collect

In the way of collecting cash in this game, you can use Facebook Gift Code
You can try to use FRGT-HGZW-REA6-32OP to redeem 10 cash

Sometimes, getting cash will be hard, so it will highly be recommended to use revive once only.
Remember not to revive more than once to unlock 2 or more stages at one single run.

After unlocking the stage, you can directly go to that stage and start a new run for you to unlock the next stage.

On the other side, if want to increase your distance travel in a single run be sure get small potions.
In other words, more distance travel will be more experience and you will need experience points to unlock new vehicles.
Just avoid to purchase Large Potions as it costs 15 cash which is not worth it.

Here, if you want to get experience a little bot fast, you will have to start with the first stage as this stage is sometimes easier than any other stages.
Note that the longer your travel distance the more experience points you will get for new bikes.

In addition, health is the most important attribute of your bike of vehicle
And, something like the speed attributes are unhelpful items.
According to this, speed will increase the difficulty on avoiding obstacles and collecting collectibles
But, you will really need Health to survive longer when performing your actions.


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