Cash Cheats in Weed Empire Undercover War iPhone

Weed Empire: Undercover War is a new game which is like weed firm that was popular months ago
In this game, you will take a role as a young, new undercover cop with special mission

weed empire undercover war strategy guides ios android

Here, your job is to start your own weed grow house somewhere in the middle of the hood, and you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to catch the boss
In the mean time, you have to grow and sell your product, make a whole bunch of money, and ward off the crooked cop, gangsters and other villains.

Anyway, your main goal in this game is to make money, use it to plant and grow weed, water it with money, give it fertilizer to speed up the growth, and to repeat it again.
Early on, you can speed this up by doing time lapse tricks
Then, after you fill the water bar with water, simply go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by a few minutes whereabouts some minutes it takes your weed to grow.
Afterwards, you can go to refill the water if you need to, then do it over again until the weed finishes growing.

On the other side, when you have the base-level pots, use much water gets constantly and put water into your pot so that you can grow your pot.
Just fill it up as much as you need to in order to make it grow all the way to the top.

Along the game, sometimes the cop is extremely annoying, but you get two different options to deal with him.
In line with this, you can bribe him for 200 coins in your experience level, or since you are an undercover cop, arrest him.
However, if arresting him you lose some of your growing pots.
At this point, you can use this to your advantage
And after you unlock more advanced pots, you can make space for new pots in order to get rid of them.

If you want to deal with the cop again, after the cheerleader decides to sell you her panties, buy them.
Afterward when you do it, they will be hung up on your wall
Then, when you put them up, the cop will come and take them instead of taking the money and weed if you decide not to answer the door.
Just purchase the panties again to distract the cop.

Before doing that, when you have a task to accomplish that has to do with getting more money, you can start giving everybody a joint or a bong first.
Sometimes, when a joint fails, a bong will work.
In addition, you can smoke them out first and they will often purchase more weed at a time.
At this point, your profit margin drops slightly but you will skyrocket your money.


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