Cash Cheats in Tea Firm Replanted iPhone

Few months ago, Manitoba Games was popular with Weed Firm in ios but that game seemed to be kicked by the App Store due to fairly strict on the explicit content within the apps.

tea firm replanted basic walkthrough ios android

In line with that game, Weed Firm was actually an enjoyable game where you could manage your plants, grow different types of grade, and sell to your loyal customers as well as avoiding the FBI monitor.

Well, learning from that experience, Manitoba Games now seems to be cleverly to work around the boundaries to ensure their game is the list of in the App Store.
Coming along with the newest game, Tea Firm : RePlanted, it is the same game as Weed Firm but instead of weed, Ted is growing and selling tea, but this is not the regular herbal tea that you may drink daily.

Well, this new game seems to be included in the hilarious censored version, where you have to complete with various types of tea that you can grow.
Similar to the previous game, Weed Firm, your customers will come to your door to purchase tea, so you must grow tea, while avoiding the gangsters and cops trying to steal your tea and your money.

However, growing tea will take a time to complete
For such reasons, you can do the time lapse cheat that will help you grow your tea really in a quick time.
At this point, just plant and water your tea, then go to your date and time settings and set the time ahead by however long it takes to grow your tea.
During the process, be sure you have enough water or you will get stopped midway through and start to water it again
But, if you can do the right steps, your tea will be ready to harvest when you go back to the game.

When planting and growing your tea, you must have to max a number of pots as quickly as you can
It is caused by, if you have more pots, you will be able to grow more tea, so that you can sell your tea quickly.
On the other side, if you want to get rid of an old pot to make room for a new pot that you have just unlock, you can try let the cop steal your pots or tap on the base of the pot
Here, you will have the option to throw it away.

Besides, having more pots, you will also be assigned to collect cash as much as you can
In the way of gathering up a bunch of free cash quickly, just go to the in app purchase store, then go to the share page and send an email to yourself or to anyone.
Here, each email that you send will earn you 100 free cash.
So, you can try to do this every time you really need cash along the game

Furthermore, you are able to purchase a tea pot from one of your customers, that will provide you an even better offer from most characters, with the exception of the mechanic and one other character.
Next, every time you use the tea pot or the tea cup, it costs you 1 tea in which you can count on your best profit from simply taking their first offer.

In addition, you will also earn experience by completing the missions on the left side of the screen.
If you can gain more experience, you will have more levels, that will come to more different things to unlock in the store.
Unlocking this will include the “customize” decorations, that will make customers come to your door so quickly so that you can have time to do any growing to expand your business.


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