Cash Cheats in Miami Crime Simulator iPhone

If you ever played gta game on your phone, you may have to try playing Miami Crime Simulator which is a new free-roam action game that you can ply both on ios and android devices.

miami crime simulator walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will do anything you want as you throw Miami into turmoil.
Along the game, you will be given with some missions to complete that will earn you cash or money to purchase new weapons and any other items

In line with this, always check your mission objectives at the top right corner of the screen on each level.
In this objective you usually should take down a number of any civilians or cops on the street for rewards.

As a free roaming game, you will explore each area of Miami with vehicles
At this point, you have to run around until finding a random vehicle lying around the street.
Once finding one of them, you will simply steer it to travel around with the virtual pad

Early on the mission, you must purchase the pistol from the shop.
With this gun, you can complete your first mission that is to take down people much easier since it is a ranged weapon

After going through some missions, you will level up your character, in which you can level up one aspect of your character’s stats.

Besides, you can also level up your gun damage, melee damage, health, and more.
At this stage, you must level up your melee damage first then level up the pistol level.

Moreover, every time, you can complete each mission you will be granted with a bunch of cash that you can use to purchase new weapons for the next missions

In order to get some items, you may take down people according to what you need in that civilians will always drop cash when they die and police will always drop ammo.
For such reasons, if you want to get more cash just hunt down civilians
And, if you are about to run ammo for your gun you can go after cops to get more ammo

To get the ammo, you will go after a cop, in which when doing so, you can get right in their face and use melee attacks.

In accordance with this, if you try to attack them from a range, they will shoot back at you and they will also have pinpoint accuracy.
Because of this, you will take a lot of damage through this way
Thus, it will be recommended to fight them with melee weapon.


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