Cash Cheats in Drone Shadow Strike iPhone

Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd has brought drone shadow strike to ios platform
In this game, you will be able to fly to the skies as a deadly drone and you can rain down destruction on your enemies

drone shadow strike walkthrough coins

On the other words, this game is an action military warfare game that gets you to take a role as pilot of drone.

When flying this drone, you can use all of the equipment along the way, so that you can take out designated targets, protect civilians, and more.

At the beginning of the level, try to complete every given challenge
Every levels gives a number of optional challenges to complete as well as the main objective.
Completing these challenges will reward you with a nice amount of cash and even gold

Gathering cash and gold will get you to finish the level within a certain time limit, and some require you kill enemies with a specific weapon.
So make sure to check to them before you go into the level, but remember that you can also check them at any time during the level by tapping them at the top left.

Before going to gun battle, make sure to equip your drone with the right weapon such as your cannons and missiles.

Cannons are categorized into two different types which are cannon and heavy cannon.
Regular cannons act like machine guns with rapid fire, but it is pretty weak.
Heavy cannon bullets travel slower but deal more damage.
Every cannon’s bullet type in this game is categorized into anti-infantry and anti-vehicle.
So if you goo to a zone with a lot of infantry, be sure to bring the anti-infantry cannon

On the other side, there are also multi-purpose cannons that deliver an equal amount of damage to everything, but never excels past the specialized cannons.
Besides, missiles will also come in two flavors which are anti-vehicle and anti-tank.
Vehicles are coming with the lightweight speedy vehicles, such as jeeps.
Thus, just bring the right weapon types to beat some of the levels within a certain amount of time.

During in the battlefield, you have to keep an eye on rockets as these will deal damage to your drone. In line with this, RPG soldiers will be marked with a high priority target market, which is a blinking red box that is more accented than the regular red target boxes.

When seeing them, make sure to take these guys out as fast as you can so that you can save your flares for an emergency.
You can do this by upgrading your drone’s Radar functionality, which increases the range of your map alerts.
Here, see those icons surrounding the border of your screen as they are the map alerts, and when you have an upgraded radar, it will be easy to see the RPG soldiers location.

Make sure to switch between weapons for maximum firepower on the fly.
You should not ever let one of your weapons reach maximum load, whereby that means you are not switching enough
Just shoot anything in your sight and if one gun runs out, immediately switch to another and do not wait for it to reload.

When shooting enemies, you have to stay on the move to take out targets swiftly
According to this, you can create a combo bonus if you kill another enemy within a couple seconds from another kill at a time.

Moreover, you will also be rewarded with a lot of points, which come to more cash at the end of the level
Later on, some levels will provide challenges where you have to get a combo up to a certain amount, so just try to practice scanning around for enemies along the game.


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