Cash Cheats in Driver Speedboat Paradise iPhone

Ubisoft has recently launched their newest a racing game, Driver Speedboat Paradise for the iOS and Android platforms, where you can trade your cars for speedboats in this game then go for a race with the other players to collect money cash or gold

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On the other side, you can also enter a semi-underground speedboat league with criminal connections to make some races, in which the cops are trying to bust the lead thugs.

In order to do s race, you will need Gas, and you will need more gas to do different races.
And, if you run out gas, you cannot continue a race at all
For such reasons, you will have to recover your gas right away by changing the time and date on your phone.
At this point, you can set the time ahead on your phone by about an hour then go back to the game.

If you can do this well, you will see that all of your gas will be refilled fully.
After getting gas refilled, you can now go back to the date and time settings then change the time back to normal.
Afterward, you can go back to the game and your fresh gas will still be there.

During in the race, your boat loses a whole lot of speed when you turn, so you will need to turn as little as you have to.
Losing speed are able to undo the advantages of taking tight corners.

If you are doing a race with the enabled touch controls, you can then keep tapping the turn rather than holding the turn constantly.
Meanwhile, if you have gyroscope controls enabled, you can turn the phone as little as you can to drive your speedboat steady.

As usual, this game will require currencies in form of gold and cash
In order to get them, all you will do is to complete each race
If you can be the champion in each race, you will be rewarded with cash that you can use to upgrade your speedboats

No matter how much money you have, boat parts are key to getting upgrades
For such reasons, you must take a few turns on stages that you have already beaten before to grind
Later on, you can go off jumps to gather boat parts as many times as you can.
In the mean time, you can go back to the upgrades after that then you can blow your parts and money on upgrades.

Once getting your speedboat upgraded, you can go back to old stages where you have yet to get 5 stars there.
Usually, it will be easily to earn more stars with a more powerful boat and you will also get more gold and money at ease.
With a lot of money in your pocket, you can then purchase new speedboat that will come along with special features and stats


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