Cash Cheats for Private Education School Days Public Cheats iPhone

School Days Public by MDickie can be said as an open world sandbox high school survival game.
In this game, you will control of premade or customized high schooler on their first day at a new high school.

school days mdickie walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will have to learn basic control
A is the attack button in that you can tap this rapidly to make your character throw out combos.
G is the grapple button where you can grapple a person to either set them up for an offensive move, or go in for nice hug
R is the run button.
P is the pick-up button where you can pick up any item nearby or on the ground.
T is the talk or interact button that will make your character talk to nearby people.
If you can tap it with an intractable item, you can perform an action, for example eating or drinking a food item.

Always keep an eye on your sanity meter that will show you stat decreases, fights, and general negative events that happen to your character will reduce your sanity meter.
Here, positive events like stat will increase restore the meter.
Do not let it reach absolute zero, or you will lose control of your character

Besides, you can also increase your health meter with some food from the cafeteria.
Just get food from stores, but you need to pay for them
Sleeping on the bed at home will restore both health and sanity

Sometimes, you will see that this school is crazy chaotic and both the students and teachers behave erratically.
Always try to avoid the chaos as you might end up accidentally damaging someone, that will make you go to the principal’s office.
And, if insist on fighting back though, try using an object lying around as a weapon.

You can also make friend by approaching someone and tapping the T button
Having some friends will be important as they will even come to your side in fights
Anyway, another way to make friends is to defend them

In order to improve your grades, be sure to attend class naturally.
Just try to show up at least before thirty minutes into the class, otherwise you will be considered late.

On the other side, if you ever find yourself beaten up and on the floor for whatever reason, always remember to move the digital pad and tap the attack button as quick as possible to get up faster.

In addition, once going through some stages, you will get coins and cash, the main currencies of this game
Sometime, you can also get them for free during in the classroom or by completing certain objective
So, be sure to complete each given objective


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