Cash Cheats for Contender Bundle in MMA Federation iPhone

MMA Federation from 360 Studios Limited can be said as a new mixed martial arts RPG that is specially designed for the ios and android mobile

mma federation walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be assigned to control your very own MMA fighter from Tristar, American Top Team, Elite MMA, SBG and many more and fight them against the other virtual MMA fighters to become the ultimate MMA Champion ever

To be the real champion in this game, you will have to train and teach them with new moves and tricks
Later on, you can also use their stamina to strike a balance between attack and defense

Once, they are ready for battle, you can send them to battle with the other team for coins and cash which are the main currencies of this game.

During in the battle, save up your stamina and choose your defense moves based on what offense cards your opponent has.

At this point, you can try choosing your attack or your defense cards depending upon only on how much damage you deliver per stamina used, but you must determine based on what special abilities are attached to various moves such as something for High critical hit chances, or knockdown chances which will take out enemy fast.

Always think to finish the battle fast, and never wait too long to make a move
When playing in the defense mode, you may want to stop picking cards so that you can let your stamina build up.
If you want this, you can try to unleash 3-card hell during your attack turn.

After going through some fights, you will get a bunch of cash that you can use to customize your fighter such as different uniforms or face guards
But, you may have to consider purchasing more energy or your fighter, rather than getting custom items.

It is caused by, you will need energy when fighting or training your fighters
So, when it runs out, you can purchase them more

Alternatively, if you want to get energy without spending your cash, you can do the time lapse trick
In line with this, just set the time ahead on your phone then go back to the game
After doing so, your energy will come back.
Be sure to set the time back to normal, after you get your new energy back

As said earlier, coins and cash are the main currencies of this game
In order to get them for free, you can merely tap the free coins or cash buttons in the IAP store.
Tapping the free coins button will make the ad videos come up
Then, all you will do is to watch it to earn cash

In the mean time, once you tap the free cash button, you will be served with an offer list
At this time, you will be tasked to download an app from the developer, install and run it in exchange for free cash as free reward.


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