Cash Cheats Drift Girls iPhone

Drift Girls developed by NHN Entertainment can be categorized into a new dating or drifting game designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms

drift girls walkthrough ios android

This game seems to tell about every teenage male car enthusiast’s wet dream in game form.
Here, you will be a girl drifter, where you will have to move up in the ranks of the drifting levels
Also, you will be taking girls with you, dating girls and building your relationships with them, that will give you some advantages in the drifting ranks.

You can then do the drifting in this game with two play mechanics.
First, you will have to go when your revs are flashing the green light for the optimal start.
Then with each drift, you will have to enter the drift when the car is halfway through the yellow line
Also, you must exist when your car is halfway through the second yellow line.

Later on, you must drift in the right direction where you can have a Great that is the best score for you to get
Plus, you can also earn a perfect in the starting line.

For further, you will do an upgrade for your car that will make you fast enough to defeat the tougher levels.
When doing this, just go to the garage and tap the upgrade button to sacrifice your unwanted cars and to upgrade the car that you really want.

At this point, if you get two level-10 examples of the same car, just merge them together to have a random car that is in one tier rarer back down at 1 level.

On the other side, this game will feature coins and cash as the main currencies of this game
In order to get a bunch of coins in this game, you can also sell any car that you do not want anymore.

And, when being in the middle of episode 2 of the game, you will have a chance to unlock new parts to be used on your car
Besides, you can also merge them together like the cars so that their performance will be increased then.

Sometimes, some of them will decrease specific stats but all of them will increase your overall stats which are compared to having no parts installed on the same car.
And, when switching cars, you can take the best parts off of your old car
Also, you must try to stick them on the new car for a quick upgrade.

The one this is dating that can be an important mechanic in this game
For such reasons, if you can go more dates, you will be able to increase more affection level
Thus, if you have higher level, you can increase more stats in your car from having her ride along.

In addition, this game will give you more rewards that you can get from the mail button
So, just always check your mail when playing this game and claim your gift within that mail.
Sometimes, that gift will include a brand new, even a higher tier car for you to collect.

In related to cash as the premium currency of this game, you must do all drifts well
As said earlier, going for more dates will give you rewards
Here, you can sometimes get cash when you can get successful dates
Thus, just play this game as your style


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