Cash Cheat in War of Tanks Clans Android

After launching the previous game named Hamster Balls Bubble Shooter few days ago, Creative Mobile Fun`s Factory has now launched its newest game entitled War of Tanks Clans designed for android device

war of tanks clans basic walkhtrough gameplay iphone android

War of Tanks: Clans is the new series of War of Tanks which was being the most addicting games on the android game market

In this game, you will take a command of a war tanks brigade up to three tanks at once where you will send them in a fierce battle on the front lines.

Here, you will be able to select from 5 different modes of play, with both single player options and play online games with friends where you will also go through eight campaigns in all stages of WWII.

When battling with your rivals, the battle will run automatically where your tank and your rival`s tank will shoot each other automatically then you will gain rating points and secure a spot on the leaderboards after going through each battle in this game.

Your main role here is simply to give your tank orders to maneuver and change targets in which every order gives a unique advantage.
You can use extinguisher when your tank is burning as it can stop the fire and recover 50% of HP.
During the battle, you can repair your tank that get more damage from your rival`s tank
At the same time, you can apply orders to which tank that uses the most lethal missile that will shot at enemies tanks in each round

To deliver shots at other tank, you will be provided with six battles in a row.
Once getting your victory in the battlefield, you are able to earn unique prizes, from new modifiers to blueprints of new tanks and even you can unlock new tank for your collection.

In Clan Wars, you can join a clan to fight other players then you can get involved in PvP battle between the other clans.

Later on, to increase tank Piercing High chance of Critical Hit, you can get it in the assault.
And, evasion is about to increase tank Evasion High chance to evade hit from the other tank.
With precision fire, you can increase tank Precision High chance to hit tank with Evasion.

In addition, this game features money or cash as the main currency of this game
And, each time you win the battle, you will level up further as well as getting rewards in form of cash or new tanks

If you want to earn a lot of cash, you can sell the tanks that you do not use anymore, as selling them will top up your money to purchase best tanks
You can also install modifier which costs 100 cash where you will be able to customize your tank with the advanced attributes that you got after winning the battle and completing each mission


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