Cash Cheat in Modern Sniper Android

In this game, Modern Sniper, you will be able to play as the sharp shooter where you will also be assigned to try completing different types of missions.

modern sniper walkthrough ios android

During in your mission, you will have to try to to survive as long time as you can while shooting and taking a cover on the rooftop.
At that time, you will be shot by enemies from the street that will prompt you to take a cover and shoot once they cease a fire for a while

Early on this game, make sure you learn the control systems first
Swipe to look around and observe the battlefield then aim at an enemy.
You can also switch to shooting position, that you can find at the lower left.
Drag to Zoom in when you are in the shooting position.
In order to get a more stable shot, make sure to tap to hold your breath.
Once finishing your shot, you have to switch back to observing position, so that you can avoid being shot by enemies.

When being in your missions, you can also use health kit to regenerate your hp fast that you can only apply in dangerous situations.
If you want to shoot without being noticed by other enemies, you have to use silencer on your weapon.

Every time you shoot your target, you will be rewarded with Money that you can use to purchase new weapons, armors any other items
Besides, you must also purchase more ammo in which each weapon requires different ammo

In addition, if you want to get cash fast, you can try using any hex editor and change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you desire.

You can use this code, Money HEX 7a d3 69 d4 Dword inside that hex editor
Alternatively, you can do it manually, by searching function in your hex editor, then enter your current Money value in Modern Sniper and search for it by selecting DWORD.

You can then go back to the list and find your new current Money value in Modern Sniper to the large list and you can edit the value there to the amount that you want.



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