Cash Cheat in Megatramp A Success Story iPhone

Megatramp: A Success Story is a game that will bring you to manage your life from ordinary people to extraordinary people

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On the other words, this game is a life management simulator where you will play as a tramp, who is working your way up the societal level, then you will then be the king of tramps

Early on this game, you will spend most of your time rummaging through trash, which gets you to some junk and a little bit of experience.
If you want to level up your experience, you can keep doing this over and over again while keeping your other stats up.

Tapping on the portrait icon at the top left corner will tell you everything such as your house, education, and transportation means which are your main roadblocks to make a progress
Every time, you level up, you can purchase new options for each of those three categories which are your house, education, and transportation means.

So just work towards these, and double check what the requirements are for the upgrades as some of them require junk, and some need cash.

When you are at level 12 in this game, you will be prompted to get 1,000 junk that will allow you to unlock the first business job option.

On the other side, you can also get cash from the junk that you can do by converting your resources
With this conversion, you will be able to turn cash into gold, and gold into cash.
When doing this, the conversion rate is different for each transaction

After getting a lot of junk and cash, you can unlock new businesses which are a great way to earn resources while keeping yourself alive
And, before reaching level 12 in this game, you will always try to keep yourself afloat while earning resources.
Once you level up, you will get all your stats refilled, then you can spend about 50% of it earning money
Afterward, you can switch off increasing your happiness, health, and hunger.

Once unlocking the business jobs, you will be able to earn resources overtime.
If you find a job in the little clock next to it, you will get a gradual job.
Then, after paying the initial fee, you will be able to earn a certain amount of money or junk and also get resources over time.

Meanwhile, if you want to level up and get more experience points for your characters, just take part in a PvP battle by tapping on the fist icon at the bottom left
At this point, you will be brought to other tramps in an epic snowball fight which will gain experience and level up fast if you can win against other players.

During in this session, just tap a spot to throw a snowball then try to aim a little ahead as this will take your snowballs some time to reach their destination.
If you got a tossing snowball form opponent, just tap it to deflect it in which you will be allowed to hit twice before you go down, but your opponent can take around 7 hits
In addition, if you can win this session, you can get all three of your stats increased a little bit
According to this, you will require 10 junk to enter the arena.


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