Cash Cheat in I Love Pasta iPhone

Pati Games Corp will satisfy your appetite in its newest game, I Love Pasta, a brand new restaurant simulation game where you can create and manage your restaurants in picturesque Venice, Italy

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On the other words, you will be able to create a menu with dozens of classic Italian dishes and experience the cooking of pasta step by step.
You can also add some real ingredients to be mixed together in near infinite combinations to simulate the creation of real pasta dishes.

Here, you will play as both owner and chef, where you will navigate the challenges of running a five-star restaurant as well as expanding menus addressed to the romantic customers

This game has come along with complete with charming graphics, testy customers, and new mini games which are Ingredient Matching, Pan Touch, Fast Serving or rhythm that give a nice change of pace from all that pasta cooking.
Thus, try to satisfy your customers by serving quality pasta coming from fresh ingredients and wines that can be served with the taste of your customers.

Later on, you will see budding chefs directly serving guests, using tools to clean your restaurants, and even managing your customers waiting in lines outside the restaurant.

For further, you will have to increase the fondness level with your patrons and get more rewards.
On the other side, by picking a wine catering to your customer’s preference your wine sales will get a double

Also, increasing your store grade will add a customer with new style.
However, you will not be able to get wine when your wine cellar storage is full and you can collect wine from the Happy Market.

To increase your menu level will allow you to set various set menus and to boost your sales efficiency.
And, every time you serve a passer by well you can sell one of your.
If you can harvest pasta in fresh condition your yield will increase by 20% up
You can hold a party at your restaurant in special events

Make sure to add better menus based on your employees cooking index.
It will be better to enhance your employees dress so that their cooking skill, attraction and HP index will level up then some employees with higher attraction index will get you more tips and also boosts up your store grade.
In line with this, you can send up to 2 employees to 1 market at a time.

In addition, your food sale speed is based on the number of level-matching chairs and operable stoves or ovens.
Throughout the game, you will be prompted to gather up more cash as this is the premium currency of this game
Once getting cash, you can use them to expand the 2nd floor that you can do before reaching level 30 in this game.
Always gather up bingo stickers at your friends restaurant and play bingo with your customers while getting rare rewards

Besides playing bingo with your friends, you can also send puzzles to your friends and request some for yourself.
To get more rewards, you can buy special costumes with the puzzles which are sent by your friends.
Be sure to help your friend daily in order to make your party points go up
You can also get more rewards from friend invitation event and build friendship with your friends
By running a social shop at your friend’s restaurant, both of you will get a special reward once per day.


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