Cash Cheat in Gun Shot Champion iPhone

Mediawork has offered you to shoot at the right angle and accuracy with various of weapons
Here, aiming at the best time will be the key to raise your the highest score

gun shot champion hack ios android

With some weapons such as revolver colt cobra gun, revolver colt python gun, revolver colt saa gun, revolver colt anaconda gun, you will be challenged to get the high score so that you can hit bombs popping up on the screen, bullet, to x2 goal

Your skills will also determine your score on leaderboards where you can battle with gun NPC gun in four tournaments, and compete with other players worldwide
In related to the tournament, you will meet the season that consists of five rounds for each 100 per tournament in which all you will have to do is to focus on your aim in order to get a high score and bullseye hit combo.

At the beginning of the game, you will pay attention to your aim method
Here, you can try to drag the screen to aim then align the aiming point on the target, so that your gun is fired when you release the screen.

On the other side, you are able to get a high score with the bullseye judges that you can do by hitting the red region of the target.

In order to get bullseye combo, you can continuously hit the bullseye, so that bullseye combo increases.
Moreover, your scores will also increase after you have raised the combo.

For further, you can get double or triple break, which you can do by knocking rolled several sheets of glass breaking, in that it will also come to a high score.
You will also get earned points that are calculated by base points are multiplied by rolled breaking glass.

If you want to beat all the targets in the screen, you can try to use bomb item
Meanwhile, using speedloader item will get you to get a speed loader that allows to remove the reload time while shooting your gun.
At this point, you are able to purchase up to three speed loader before the start of the round.
And, using item 2X will double score for 10 seconds.

During your shooting session, your gun will be reloading if you use all the bullets in the chamber, so that you can not fire at this moment.


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