Cash Bills Cheats in NBA General Manager 2015 iPhone

From The Bench has brought NBA General Manager to ios and android where you are allowed to manage all aspects of your favorite NBA team and to perform some matches in the most exciting basketball league
Anyway, this game is similar to mynba2k15 where you can also be a manager of your own basketball team

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At the beginning of the game, you will be guided to the Board of Directors of your team where you will be given with your first necessary resources including 11 players, 5,000,000 cash and 25 coins

In this game, cash and coins are the main virtual currencies that you can use to upgrade your players
Cash here is used to hire new players, purchase some items in the shop, etc.

Because of this, you must earn cash with any mean necessary
In line with this, you can gather up that cash by winning streak, adding fans, leveling up bonus, daily bonus reward, completing tournaments and completing tasks
If you wan to get instant cash, you can also buy additional cash in the store.

On the other side, other managers can take a portion of cash even larger than the amount you have available which is outside of the bank.
According to this circumstance, the defeated user will be left with a negative budget.
Here, you will also have a negative budget, and you will not be able to get neither experience nor receive more challenges from other managers

Except cash, coins are the other virtual currency of the game that are used to sign up players, to purchase items in the shop and to strengthen your team.
Along the game, you will be able to earn coins from level up bonus, daily bonus reward, completing tournaments, completing tasks and special promotions
You can also get instant coins from the shop.

Moreover, having a certain number of fans will also reward you some coins as a bonus
Having 5 fans provide you 10 coins
Having 25 fans give you 25 coins
Having 50 fans net you Exclusive booster x 250
Having 100 fans earn you 50 coins
Having 300 fans reward you Exclusive booster x 1,000

Meanwhile, playing in some matches will also gain you experience points in which ever time you play against another team costs 15 energy points.
Then, you will also gain experience points after winning a game.
Once winning games, you can also achieve certain missions or tasks that can help you earn even more cash for your team.

Throughout the game, the result of the game will be determined with the team value.
And, having a higher team value does not always ensure that you will win the game.
But, if you have higher team value, you will have a big chance to have of winning.
In order to get high team value, you should have better players in your team
For such reasons, you can get those players in the auction
Just find all the players recently in the auction in which the starting price of all the auctions is 40% of the market value of the player.

As having through the game for a while, some players are sold as limited edition and these players will be available for a limited time or with limited units.
Having limited edition players will be the best as they usually have a high skill value and they will strengthen your team.
Limited edition players always have a lower price regarding to their market price
So always check back and take advantage of these deals

Winning some matches in this game will reward you with money that you will need to manage your team
Make sure to keep your money in the bank.
Other General Managers take a percentage of your budget after beating you in a challenge.
At this point, keeping your money in the bank will minimize these losses, since you lose a portion of the cash that you have available out of the bank.

Beside to keep your money, you can also do the transfers with the bank
When you deposit cash in the bank, it charges a 10% fee on the amount deposited.
Whilst doing a withdraw cash, it does not charge any fee for this transaction.
Anyway, the bank has limited storage so manage your cash well both inside and outside the bank.

Later on, this game features power ups that will increase the Player Value of your players
Here, some of them only have effect on specific positions such as guards, forwards or centers and others affect the whole team.

Every power up in this game has its own number of units that drops 1 unit after each league game or any challenge launched to other General Managers.
At this point, that number of units or games will not decrease when other managers launch challenges against your team.
For further, you can also increase the duration of your power ups at any time in the store.
But, when running out of power ups, they will disappear from your team info and they will no longer contribute their bonus to your players.
Therefore, you can simply connect your Facebook account to this game, then when your boosters run out, you can ask your friends for giving you extras boosters.


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