Card Deck Buildings Tips for Beginner in Earthcore Shattered Elements iPhone

As stated by the review of Earthcore: Shattered Elements, this game can be said as a rather simple card-battling game where you can collect some hero cards with some skills attached to them.

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Along the game, you are assigned to build your card deck where you will consider three different factions.
Here, Warrior cards will carry less of a risk for Warrior faction members
In line with this, when you start pulling out and adding cards to your deck be sure to carry warrior cards.

Get a balance of your card deck, where you must try to have a relatively even split of Water, Fire, and Earth cards.
Here, you cannot merely afford to only carry one or two to win the game.

On the other side, keep some useful skills handy, and try to fill your deck with complimentary abilities only.

Early on this game, you can throw in some low-cost cards, as they can make all the difference when you cannot avoid taking a loss.

Hero cards are powerful since they can get multiple skills at a time.
Also, each skill they absorb will add the donating card’s cost to its own
For such reasons, you could find yourself with a card that will deliver 15+ damage to you if you lose in which you must use them carefully.

Meanwhile, some cards will come along with skills in that they can mimic another less costly card or reduce its own cost significantly.
Therefore, you can try to add such skill to your heroes to avoid taking that 15+ damage in front of the wrong element.

When going to battle with enemies cards, some skills will play well off of one another
At this point, if you want to double-up on a card’s ability and you refresh all cards’ manual abilities when they are played, be sure to play it after you have placed the other cards.

During at that moment, considering when and where to place a card is key to go for your victory
At this phase, attacks always happen starting with the left column and moving to the right
Thus, if it is a close game, you can try to come out on top if you just win the fist or second bout.

Remember to check your rival`s cards to see their card’s skill
Once learning them, you can drop an Earth card with a cost of 6 in front of a Water card
In the mean time, you can also find that the Water card can nullify the element of any card that costs 6 or less.

Every time you place a card, there are no Undo button to cancel your movement
So, you must think carefully and plan your move with your own best strategy

In addition, every time two matching elements face off at a time they will cancel each other out, which will make them flip both of them face-down, whereby their cost will be added to whatever card you place on top of them.

And, this can emerge some rather large stacks if you are not careful enough
To deal with this, you can either clear them out by winning that column or you can use extremely love-value cards to forfeit them.
Next, always remember not to let the nullified cards stack up and plan your move


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