Candies Cheats Toysburg The Monumental Adventure iPhone

Toysburg The Monumental Adventure is developed by Angry Mob Games where you will help the children get the toys form you that you can transform them semi-literally and give them somewhat-super powers

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Your main objective in this game is to get more stars form your toys

In line with this, as the toy becomes more famous, you get will be able to get more coins each time the children play with it
Sometimes, you will also get a better chance for item drops.

If your toy get a lot of stars, they start getting rare, legendary and epic items.
You will then be rewarded with a point where you can even get 3 items at the same time

To get more coins, you can disassemble a broken toy, or to recycle it
Recycling the toys will give you coins, that you can use to get new body parts.

Here, you cannot have too many body parts, but you can always try out new custom toys
To repair broken toys, just go to your workshop and disassemble them.

There, you can tap the small arrow on the toy parts inventory
Then, open the broken toys inventory by tapping the middle button on the left
In the mean time, you can drag the broken toy on the workdesk
And, if a toy is missing any body parts, you can get those by ordering them from your blueprints magazines.
Alternatively, you can find them around town.

Later on, you have to upgrade your Workshop
When doing so, this will become available after finishing the first two quests such as Mummy says Wipe and Pirate Treasure.

When being at the Upgrade Workshop menu, you are asked for 3 different items.
Just tap each to see where you can get them.
You can also try to spend some coins and wait a few minutes or hours for the Workshop restructuring and upgrade to complete.

Moreover, you can do all this much faster with a few Candies.
Meanwhile, when the Workshop Upgrade is under construction, you can still use it as normal
In the mean time, you can keep doing the toys you want.

Furthermore, you will also be tasked to complete toys sets that can bring together a bunch of toys, which have a certain theme or story in general.

Thus, according to the toy set description and background, it will be a clue to guess the right toys.
To place them, just build those toys then once getting them in your inventory, you can drag them on the toy set.

If you can do it well, you will be able to complete the toy set and you will also be rewarded with various rewards, either candies or useful items to collect.

So, you can give those toys to kids in the city to collect more coins and even candies, the premium currency of this game.


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