Bux Cheats Super Stickman Golf 3 iPhone

Noodlecake Studios is back with their fun Super Stickman Golf series, Super Stickman Golf 3 in which it is purposed to the ios and android users

super stickman golf 3 walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game also comes along with all new courses, new power ups, collectibles, modes, and new multiplayer options where you can play with your friends online

Early on the game, you will go through the first couple of courses to practice your skills
In line with this, when you play in Tour 2, you will get to complete Gravity Lab where the holes come along with gravity zones
It means that, such zones may lift your ball if it gets to them.

Then, when you are about to perform your shot, always take your time
At this point, you will start the power gauge and lock in the power, and you will not be able to change it.

As usual, this game will take the Bux as the premium currency in which they may be hidden around in various holes.
Note that, getting all of them in a course will give you an experience bonus.

However, just focus on getting your score under the par.
And, you can always revisit the course to find more bux there

Once having enough bux, use them to have card packs and to level up your character
Leveling up will get you to unlock new courses for you to tackle
But, you can also complete the courses and objectives to level up your golfer.

Later on, you may consider to purchase card packs containing incredibly helpful hats, power ups, and experience point cards

Moreover, once your golfer has leveled up, you will get free card packs and some hats inside the cards.
It is caused by, having a hat will give you some advantages to your game.

Having The Red Mushroom hat will give you a vision of a short preview line of your expected trajectory after applying power.
You can get this when lining up the tricky shots.

If you have The Viking hat, it can nullify water hazard penalties so that you can get rid of the water
And, The Green Wizard hat will allow you to make your spin 25% stronger to tune your shot

On the other side, when having long range shots, you will have a spin meter shown up in place of the power meter.
Of course, you will get such notice after you have performed your swing

For such reasons, try to drag the slider to the right or left to make a spin for your ball in the direction you want.
When you see your shot to go sour, make sure to spin it fast
And, if you see the ball to land near the hole, you can spin in the direction so that you will have the small boost to lead the ball going into the hole which will give you score points.


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