Build Villagers Huts to Get Gems Coins in Dragon Ninjas iPhone

MP Force has come to the ios and android devices along with their new game, Dragon Ninjas
This game is completely free to download and play, in which it also brings a base management game and turn-based RPG hybrid game suitable on mobile platforms

dragon ninjas walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide an invincible army, battle with evil forces and beat heroes to reclaim the greatest Empire ever built from the clutches of Yamma.

Early on the game, you will have to learn heroes classes which have a type each of them
They have also their own weakness and strength.

Light units indicated by sword icon are strong against Precision units indicated by crosshair icon
And, Precision is strong against Magic units indicated by pentagram icon.
Magic units are strong against Heavy units indicated by anvil icon.
Once learning them, you will have to build your team accordingly to get the upper hand.

Later on, after getting a building upgraded or having new troops, you can then spend your resources to avoid wasting them.
It is caused by, you will not have enough storage space to hold all of the resources you get from the battle you have won
Besides, you can also get tribute from the villages you rescue.

Each time, you see a shiny purple building in your village, it will be the Altar of Gems.
This building will be your main one that will always produce gems, the premium currency of the game

At this point, you will need special items to activate it in the first place.
So, when the first time playing this game, you must activate the altar, since it will need three hours for it to finish producing the first batch of gems.

Always remember to complete the achievements which you can find by swiping the left side screen when being at your village.

These achievements will be typical missions, which will get you to complete a certain amount of missions or you will have to gather up a specific amount of resources.
Completing the achievements will result in the precious gems
For further, just try to do as many as you can to collect gems as much as you want.

On the other side, you will have to train your units in your dojos
To do this, you will need the resources
When doing so, you can try to train different types of units
Do not train basic ninjas time and time again.

Besides, you must also train the other units since you will need a balanced army to go to the later battles, whereby do not skip out on any types of units.

In this game, villager huts will be important to make your village grow.
These villagers huts will attract more people to move into your village, so that you will get additional income once you have got a lot of people to go to your villagers huts.

Plus, you can also get a random resource from your villagers which will increase your total resource income
Thus, just try to build some more huts when you are about to increase your income in form of gems and gold coins.


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