Bucks Coins in Bud Farm Grass Roots iPhone

Bud Farm: Grass Roots from By LDRLY offers bud farming game on the go
In this game, you will merely plant valuable crops on your farm, upgrade the equipment, hire workers and harvest the crops for bucks and coins, the premium currency of this game

bud farm grass roots walkthrough ios android

In daily basis, make sure to always complete the quests which will give you potbucks, the premium currency of the game.
These quest may be in form the passive tutorial of the game
And, you will assigned to complete new quests based on your level
Here, you will be taught how to construct the new buildings and strains.

In order to grow your crops, make sure to water them
It is caused by the quality of your bud strains will be based upon how well you take care of them.
Every time, you start planting crops, a timer will come up and it will constantly countdown
Moreover, it will not be stopped by anything.

This will indicate your plant’s happiness meter
In line with this, you must water them every time
If you see the timer runs out, your crop is done and it is based on how happy it is
From here, you will get a lot of buds.

The main point is to stay alert of the water meter as full water will signify the happiness of your crops which will earn you cash

Always send out your van to fulfill orders to get coins and experience
Then, make sure to upgrade your equipment!

Each time your crop is finished growing, make sure to rely on happiness, the water pump level, and the grow light level to value your crop.

And, if you see your plants to get covered in a thick spider web it will halt growth of the plant
To solve this, grab the spatula and whack away the web


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