Bucks Cash Cheat in Holywood U Rising Stars iPhone

Pixelberry Studios which is popular with its game, High School Story, now has launched the second game, Hollywood U: Rising Stars for iPhone and Android

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In this game, you are the one amongst others who is accepted in a brand hollywood university on 1 Avenue of the Stars, and your goal is to take over for the rich girl there.

Throughout the game, cash and diamonds are the premium currencies of this game that you can collect either doing some activities in this game or purchasing them via iap store

Later on, you will always have a specific amount of houses at a time, and you are able to split them up between jobs however you see fit.
Along the game, you will be assigned to make money as much as possible
In line with this, if you want to make money fast, you have to max out on the director houses specifically, because they hold the most money out of all of them before they need to be collected from.
Doing so will give you a chance of collecting a larger amount of cash.

Except money cash, this game will also get you to gather up some diamonds as much as you can
Anyway, this game will recently give diamonds for free when you are being in Level 6 in which within the first 5 days, you will get a bonus reward of 100 diamonds freely

For further, you will also get some bonus rewards when you have made a progress and gain experience levels
Just tap on the quest menu to see what your quests are, whereby your main quests are where you will be doing most or you can level up there.
Usually, you will deal with dialog runs and you will not need to give the right answers here
But, just complete all that dialogue and the quests in order to earn the rewards anyways, so just give whatever answers you want.
Meanwhile, simply tap with two different fingers, if you want to tap through all of the dialogue quickly.

In the way of making some friends in this game, you cannot just add random Facebook friends and attach them to your dorm characters.
For such reasons, if you want to find people with ease, you can try to use Game Center, or make a Facebook game account then add people from Hollywood U groups.
Alternatively, you can invite anyone on your main account playing Kim K: Hollywood game.

In addition, you will later on unlock Club VIP if you can finish the Ready Set Pitch 2 quest.
After unlocking that, you can start mixing types of characters together so that you can get other new types of characters, which cannot be purchased with cash in the store, but only for gems of this game.
Taking part in the party in this game will get you all kinds of new characters as well.


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