Bronze Gems Cheat in Restaurant Story Christmas Android

TeamLava Games has brought a nice game on this winter, Restaurant Story Christmas where you will have a chance to learn and run your own restaurant

restaurant story christmas walkthrough ios android

In the way of running your own restaurant, you will do some activities such as Cooking Food, Serving Food, Keeping Customers Happy, and Customizing Your Restaurant.

Early on this game, you will have to learn how to cook food
Firstly, find an empty stove, oven, or grill and tap on it twice to open the cookbook to search the dish you want to cook then tap on it to select it.
Afterwards, tap on it to prepare your dish and add various ingredients then just wait for your dish to finish cooking.
Once it your is complete, tap on it again to add the final touches then you can move it to an available serving counter where it can be served to your consumers.

In order to serve your food, you must place your restaurant with serving tables and chairs so your customers can easily find empty seats when they want to eat in your restaurant.
You can purchase more from the store
Or, you can remove food from existing serving tables by tapping on it and choosing remove then you can wait for your customers to eat all of the food off of one serving table.
Always keep in mind that some identical food types like cheeseburgers on two grills will need two serving counters.

Keeping your customers happy will be really vital here
In line with this, make sure to have empty seats for them to sit in and food for them to eat.
Also, you have plenty of food and plenty of seats and tables waiting for potential customers
It is caused by happy customers will attract even more customers

If you have more happy customers in your restaurant, you will get popularity rating
As the owner of the restaurant, your main duty is to grow your restaurant by increasing its popularity. For such reasons, try to keep your customers always happy as every happy customer will increase the popularity rating of your restaurant
Otherwise, unhappy customers will lower your popularity rating.
Thus, always be sure you have enough food and sitting room for your customers so that you will have a successful restaurant.

Later on, in order to give different look for your restaurant, you can customize it with only tables, chairs, stoves, and serving counters, or you can let it be purely decorative with no functional items.
Next, just open the store by tapping on the hammer in the lower right corner of the main screen in order to find items to place in your restaurant.
After opening the store, you can now browse the various categories and select items in each to purchase and place in your store.
To purchase an item you can either tap on it and tap again at the location you want to place it or you can drag it to where you want to place it and tap again to confirm.

In addition, this game also features gold and gems as the main currencies that you have to gather up to upgrade your restaurant into further levels
If you want to get bonus experience and coins, you can simply tap another player so that it will increase your Star Rating.
Here, Your Star Rating is displayed at the bottom of the restaurant that you are visiting and it can range from 0 stars to a full 4 stars.
Then, your Star Rating will increase your chances of displaying at the top of the Community list.
Anyway, you can only tip a Community member’s restaurant 3 times daily
Therefore, if you want to get a 4 Star Rating, be sure to help several Community members or Neighbors

Besides, you will also earn some gems that you will need to purchase some decorations for your restaurant
Every time, you do activities like serving food well and keeping your customers happy, you will earn bronze gems that you will need to expand your business in this game


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