Bottle Caps Cheats for Lunchbox Fallout Shelter iPhone

Bethesda Softworks has launched Fallout Shelter on ios platform, in that this game will also come to Android soon

fallout shelter walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a resource-management game that will make you manage your resources your food, power and water correctly.

Along the game, your resources are used by your vault and by your dwellers, so you must maximize your footprint and minimize the amount of rooms that you have
Also, you must maximize the amount of upgrades on your existing rooms whereby upgrading an existing room will put out more resources.

In line with this, you can place two identical rooms at the same upgrade level, next to each other for a 2x wide room
In the mean time, you can also place three identical ones next to each other to make a big one, that is 3x wide room.

On the other side, you can put just one Dweller in one of these big rooms and get the same amount of resources.

You can also try to match up each Dweller with the room suited to their talents.
High strength is great for the power generators.
High agility will help you in the restaurant or dinner room or anything in similar.
High perception will help them improve their performance in the water treatment rooms.

As usual, this game will take currency in form of Bottle caps, the main currency, that you can use to build more rooms.

You will see caps randomly come up when tapping on rooms.
Sometimes, you will not get any caps when collecting water, power, food, stimpaks or radaways.
You will get a bunch of caps as a bonus, so be sure to have as many rooms as possible to collect from.

If you want to get caps quickly, rushing a room will give you caps as a bonus
Later on, if you rush more rooms, you can get some more caps

Meanwhile, you must also focus on completing quests to get more caps instantly.
Here, you can start with the lunchbox quests, since unlocking lunchboxes will give you between a few caps and over 1,000 caps.

Moreover, selling rooms will allow you to get some quick caps back.
In accordance with this, you will end up with a whole lot of unassigned dwellers if you do so
And, you will not get that many caps back for the rooms
Besides, selling weapons or clothing will get you to have quick caps

You can also send people out into the wasteland as they will give you more caps.
If they spend out there any longer, they earn more caps
But, be careful that you do not leave them out there too long or they may be killed that will make you spend caps to revive them.

As you can see, once your dweller have gained an experience level, you will get a bunch of caps equal to the level that your character has just reached.
According to this, if your dweller has just reached level 15 in this game, they will gain 15 experience points that will come to more caps as well.


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