Boost Coins in Angry Birds Transformers Cheats iPhone

Rovio again launches Angry Birds franchises entitled Angry Birds Transformers
This game is a shooting gallery-style game that will display angry birds robots in disguise.
You will see Autobirds team up with Deceptihogs to take down a mutual threat in this game.

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Transformers will auto-shoot at an area until instructed to do otherwise
And when tapping an area, the Transformer will fire on that sector until they get instructed to do vice versa.

This game comes a bit of a different spin on the Angry Birds formula, and you will have to take out multiple pigs at once
But, here the pigs are well-armored, so that try taking them down with one shot.

Make sure to prioritize shooting flying pigs as they will get up in your face until they are disposed of and they can also cause heavy damage, make disposing of them a priority.

Moreover, those pigs can hide deep within structures
Seemingly still structures sometimes house hidden pigs.
At this point, try shooting out glass blocks and reveal them then add to your kill count.

Along the game, you can maximize your kills in each stage, in which you need to understand how each Transformer moves and shoots.

Optimus is quick, but his shots are weak, so you have to exploit the pigs’ structure weaknesses. Heatwave is slow but very powerful, so you have to protect him from enemy fire while he clunks along.

Also, remember to pop pigs in the far-off background as every stage of this game has multiple background layers.
So try to keep a sharp eye on the horizon and make sure you take out far-away pigs.

Furthermore, transforming out of vehicle mode will give you a bit of momentum
Vehicle mode is important to scout away from dangers like falling objects.
When transforming back into robot mode, you will get a bit of a momentum boost.
In line with this, do not be afraid to exit vehicle mode before you are totally clear of falling objects.

On the other side, summoning partners will get close to enemies to produce a damaging shockwave
And when calling on your partner, they make a grand entrance with a large shockwave.
Doing this is a great way to damage hardy structures and dispose of big groups of pigs.

According to this, you will be able to summon your allies more than once in a level
And, your ally can only be with you for a short time, but as soon as they teleport away, their meter will fill again that will get them back as soon as possible.

Just keep shooting whereby astrotrain collects you at the end of each level and your shots will still damage lingering pigs.

Always make sure to upgrade your Transformers to keep them in the fight.
And when a Transformer is ready to take on a level, just tap on their portrait to bring up their health stats.

However, if they are low on hearts, they might not make it through so that you must recharge health for a sum of coins.

Along the game, be sure to thank your partners when you are done so they can get rewards.
In addition, make sure to collect coins more often from previously-visited areas
Always visit the game frequently and gather up some coins from areas you have already visited as you will need a lot of coins to keep up with upgrades and recharges.


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