Blue Gems Cheats in Raging Dragons iPhone

Raging Dragons is a kind of a new casual RPG with the card battling system developed by Kayac which is designed for iphone and android platforms.

raging dragon strategy guides ios android

In this game, you will be introduced with the card battling, character collection and weapon collection system in standard fare for mobile RPGs
Anyway, the battle system here requires you to do something between fighting game and Secret of Mana as far as the battling, in which it makes something completely unique on the platform.

Along the game, you will be able to build a smart party of weapons and you can equip your weapon with all of your cards with different weapons.
Each card that you will collect has an element.

Red defeats green
Green defeats yellow
Yellow defeats blue
Blue defeats red
Light and dark purple and black defeat each other.
So just keep elemental advantages in mind against all enemies but especially against the toughest ones.

On the other side, you can also use weapons such as swords, bows, staffs, hammers, and more
Later on, whichever weapon you should use will be based on the type of enemy you face I.E. and if you fight against a flying enemy, make sure to use a bow and arrow as this will be the most effective weapon.
Later on, when dealing with high level enemies, the rarity of a weapon will be the biggest difference as this the rarest weapon almost always does the most damage.

At the same time, you have to use the guard at just the right time in order to contribute damage from an opponent.
When doing that action, make sure to time them in order to get it right initially, but after that yyou will see usual pattern.
But, if you hit defend at the exact time that the attack comes, you will parry the blow, that will cause your enemy to be left vulnerable to a critical attack.

During that attack, just wait for a second for your hero to charge her attack so that she can do the most damage at a time.
However, if you tap to attack in a quick time you will do smaller damage per hit, but you can land far more hits, that will make your overall battle effort go by faster.
Doing this will work when you are trying to get as many hits before the enemy monster attacks.

In addition, you can gather up Gira and Arma to temper and ascend or Acend your weapons.
Doing this temper will allow you to sacrifice any unneeded weapons and to level up your choice weapon, in which it will make the sacrificed weapons disappear as well.
Meanwhile, ascending will need very specific materials as this can change the form of the weapon.


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