Blue Gems Cheats in Deck Heroes Android

IGG has now come to Google Play Store along with Deck Heroes which a new card battling game
In this game, you will be able to build decks with a wild bunch of Heroes and Creatures to rescue a threatened kingdom.

deck heroes strategy guides ios android

Throughout the game, you will be introduced with hundreds of cards to collect, which are no two decks will ever be the same.

Here, your hero`s Health will increase as you level up so you will have higher level Heroes with more HP
And, if you have some heroes in a higher rarity, you will will have more Health
In order to level up your heroes quickly, you must purchase Energy available on this game

On the other side, make sure to focus on the activation condition of your Heroes‘ Talents and pair your Creatures with them.
In line with this, pairing your Heroes with cards from the right Faction will gain you the advantage
Anyways, your stronger Heroes need a higher Cost so that just level them up quickly to increase your Total Cost
As a result, you will be included in high ranked players and you will win more Glory Points daily

Along the game, you will often get some rewards for free
moreover, you will also have to unlock Zone Chests by completing Dungeons within a Zone.
At this point, you have to clear Dungeons in higher level so that you will gain better rewards.

In related to the rewards, bazaar items change at 9:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00 daily
And you can also get Hero Shards in the Bazaar, Trials Chest or Credits Mall.
Afterwards, you can fuse them to get new Heroes for your collections

This game will feature gems and coins as the main currencies that you will need to build your deck
In accordance with coins, you will be able to earn them by exploring completed Dungeons.

Meanwhile, you can also get bonus Coins, Gems, and even Coupons or Special Cards by signing into the game daily


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