Blue Diamonds in Epic Island Cheats on iPhone

Backflip Studios has once again launched their newest game named Epic Island
And in this tutorial, it will show you the basics of the game along with simple walkthrough which will guide you enjoy this nice straightforward rpg.

epic island trailer strategy guides

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to gain experience points and power up your characters.
After your character has gained enough experience points, you will level up, as well as giving you an access to improve between attack, magic and defense.

On the other side, you will probably want to create some specialized builds and you can also pick your own way without getting penalized by some wrong choices.

Furthermore, you will be able to gain extra experience and loot for your character
And whenever you are stuck in some dungeon in this game, you will always have the option to go back to already completed dungeons to collect experience points and loot.

Here, the loot you will gather will not be all that good, but it will be useful, especially if you want to customize your weapons with some special effects.

Meanwhile, when checking out the map, be sure to always keep an eye on boxes as these boxes will offer you a variety of treasure, including coins and gems, the main currencies of this game.

This game requires gems as the premium currency so make sure to save them and use them only when you really need them.

In addition, the arena in this game is one of the side activities that you can undertaken for further. The arena works slightly on the equipment level the most important factor to check, considering opponents are grouped by level.

So be sure to get into the arena with really strong equipment if you want to get victory.
At the same time, make some nice weapons with special properties
Besides, competing in the arena will be a really good incentive for creating special equipment pieces.


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