Blue Coins for Trophies Cheats in Cartoon Survivor iPhone

Spunge Games has presented an adventure runner wrapped in Cartoon Survivor, where you will simply run, jump and glide through standing obstacle courses to help the newest star of the show, called Doo Doo bird get to the finish line before time is up while collecting coins and stars as your achievements

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In the beginning of the game, you will decide how long your dynamite wick is.
Here, you must try to have longer wick, which will give you one star
And, if you can have the medium wick, you will get two stars
Then, if you can have the longest wick, you will be granted with 3 stars.

According to this, you must always pick the shortest wick so that you can earn the maximum amount of stars when exploring four incredible prehistoric worlds

Along the game, you will run while collecting coins as much as you can then jump and glide your way to glory
Once collecting them, be sure to save them up for costumes or helmets.
At this point, just get the helmet first as this will give you a special bonus based on which one is worn.

Wearing the brick helmet should be the first helmet as this enables doo doo to break through previously indestructible walls.
Sometimes, you will find the trophies and the hidden paths behind these walls

Later on, when going for the breakable walls, they will have a construction site symbol in a yellow diamond with red symbols on it.
Be sure to wear the brick helmet, then charge straight into it for trophies

Sometimes, you will miss the optional trophies on your first run.
Next, once selecting the shortest wick and getting all stars, you can go to replay the level
At this time, you can pick the longest wick that will give you plenty of time to explore the level and you will get a chance to get all the trophies behind the walls.

Replaying the level will sometimes give you an advantage as you will see blue coins to come up in the locations that the trophies are in.
Collecting these blue coins will be the same as getting 100 coins each

For such reasons, if you need to make some money, just replay the levels where you have gotten all the trophies and know their spots.

In addition, you will start off each level with three and can hold up to a maximum of six.
Therefore, you can try to activate speed boosts at anytime to give your character a small boost going for a couple seconds
In the mean time, always be sure to pick the shortest wick and have at least one saved for critical situation during the run.


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