Black Card Fans Cheat in Lindsay Lohan`s The Price of Fame iPhone

Space Inch has presented celeb game which is named Lindsay Lohan`s The Price of Fame
This game seems to be similar to the old Make it Rain games

lindsay lohan`s the price of fame walkthrough guides ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to collect both fans and gold coins, then and you will be able to create and customize your own celeb character.

At the beginning of the game, you will begin with few fans, but later you will get more and more fans that will make you create your own celebrity persona if you can get 400 fans
Later on, you can wear a space helmet with a see-through dress, high heels, a solid gold mask, or you like wearing a casual outfit such as sneakers, jeans, a t-shirt, ski goggles, a pink mohawk, a couple babies, a pet snake, and everyone’s underwater.

In order to get more fans, all you will have to do is to swipe up enough and the fan will get swept off of the screen
Afterwards, make sure to move them too little so that they will not leave the screen, nor will they count towards your total.
Swiping with two fingers will get you to swipe fast
At the same time, be sure to turn the phone upside down and hold it against you while swiping to prevent it from slipping.

Early on this game, you should purchase the Conspicuous Consumption purchases, because these things increase the worth of each swipe.

For further, just go to the Supercharge screen, where one Red Carpet booster is given away before you must pay a dollar for it.
Next, you can then connect your account to Facebook in order to earn double the amount of fans per second.

Furthermore, purchasing the Publicity Investments will be worth it, as you can actually make more with those than from swiping.
If you use this Publicity Investments, make sure to get auto lock screen turned off in your settings. And, you should add to your entourage so that you can make even more fans while you are not playing this game.

In addition, you can also increase both the Party Bus capacity and the fans that you can earn hourly. After doing that, just go to the date and time settings on your phone then set them ahead enough to fill up all of your capacity.
Furthermore, you can do this trick when you want to get free fans instantly.


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