Belly Cheats Will of D iPhone

Will of D can be said as a new turn based strategy RPG for the ios platform recently
This game seems to feature characters from the popular anime, called One Piece

will of d walkthrough ios android

Here, you are challenged to be the king of pirates where you will have to recruit swashbucklers across the ocean.

Meanwhile, you will also have to build your crew, evolve your characters, and follow the epic journey of the king of pirates

When your characters are about to fight against enemies, they may charge their special gauge as they dish out and take damage from them.
You can see this by how much they have charged by the yellow bar located below their portrait at the bottom.

If you see they are fully charged, you will notice that a yellow glow to circle around them.
At this point, go hurry to tap them to deliver their ougi, or called as special technique which can deal with high damage attacks to them

On the other side, this game also offer free stuff that you can get in the normal and daily events at the present icon with the collect under it.

By taping that icon, you will be allowed to get various rewards by completing some tasks, such as reaching a certain level
Sometimes, you may get belly for free as the premium currency of this game

To get that currency, always check and take part in the server opening carnival event to earn some awesome stuff
Also, the calendar icon will hold your check-in rewards.
So, just sign in daily to get a new reward to progress through the game later.

Once progressing through the game, make sure to upgrade your characters by sacrificing other pirates. Every time, you complete each level, you can recruit some duplicate pirates which you can use to level up the ones you like the most.
By upgrading them, you will get new pirates for your collection

After your characters have reached a high enough level, you can advance which evolves your pirates to the next level
By advancing them, they can gain new, powerful abilities and existing ones will be powered up

Besides, that process will give you a big stat boost, that you can get by getting enough Advance Gems and the proper auxiliary items

When activating a character’s super special ability, you may do a little connect-the-dots mini game where you must try to trace the line in a quick time
Make sure to do it accurately to draw the line with powerful attack toward enemies in the battlefield

In addition, this game feature belly as the premium currency of this game
You can get such belly by completing some tasks and you can grab them from the events
Thus, always take part in many events to get belly for free in this game


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