Bejeweled Stars Strategy to Collect Coins and Lives on iPhone

Electronic Arts is now happily launching their newest 3 matching game called Bejeweled Stars on the apple store and android market

bejeweled stars walkthrough ios android

This is a brand-new match-3 experience different with the others else that you may ever have played on your ios and android devices

In line with this, it is made in a beautiful world filled with surprises, explosions, and unique challenges.

Along the game, you will simply get to combine sparkling gems around the board to collect more rewards while trying to complete the objective that is to rescue floating butterflies before they slip away into the sky.

To do this, you will also have to collect the SkyGems to unlock the PowerLab
This will allow you to create power ups with the SkyGems which you collect as the material.
These Power Ups will help you complete the main objective and earn you some extra points.

As an illustration, you can get the Flame Swapper which can turn any gem into a flame gem where you will not need to match four gems in a row.

Similar to any matching three games out there, you will be supplied with five lives at any one time
And, every time you lose a level, you will lose a life whereby you must wait 20 minutes for one life to come back

Alternatively, you can do the time lapse trick to get more life in a minute
According to this, just go to the date and time settings then and change the time ahead for about 20 minutes or more to regain your lives right away.
If you want to get full lives, you can set the time ahead by an hour or so

Once doing all above steps, you can go back to the game to get your hearts
Afterward, do not forget to change back the date and time to normal
For further, if you want to get back all your lives, you can do this trick

As usual, this game will feature coin as the premium currency that you can basically earn by completing every stage

On the other side, you will have to get coins and high score in each stage
Plus, you will also be assigned to achive three stars on a level
You must complete a constellation to get one star to another
And, you will get a bunch of SkyGems when they are filled up completely

When doing so, you must create combo lines as much as possible
At this point, you can clear four gems in a row or square formation to get a flame gem as they will detonate and eliminate all surrounding gems upon matching on the board.
This flame gem will act as a bomb.

In the mean time, just try to clear four of them in a box pattern to get another special gem unlocked which will be a gate to get a lot coins and points as well.

Moreover, if you can clear five gems in a row you will be able to create a rainbow gem
This rainbow gem will clear out all of the same color.
At this time, you can try to combine any of the two special gems to get special effects which help you clear out most of the board at once.

Meanwhile, you must also get The Star Gem by matching five gems in a T or L pattern
This kind of gem will act as a + bomb which will shoot out a beam that eliminate all gems in the same column and row once it is matched as the star gem itself.

Also, you can then create The Hypercube by matching five gems in a row which will eliminate all gems of the same type which is collided at that time
After getting such gem, you can then move the hypercube onto another gem.

The Dark Hypercube is the last one that you can get by matching six gems in a row.
It acts as the regular hypercube, that you must manage well to get massive explosions


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