Beginner`s Tutorial to Play War is Peace Card Defense iPhone

War is Peace: Card Defense from HeroCraft is a unique sci fi strategy game for the ios platform which combines trading card, tower defense and real time strategy games into one package

war is peace card defense walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be a commander to send drone tanks units into combat on their own
And, you have a deck of cards containing various boosts to your units.

During the game, timing your cards at the most opportune moments is the key to get the champion
In line with this, make sure to manage the active cards such as support cards which buff your units in some way.
You can also have some various cards which can provide temporary buffs like increased damage, speed, shield, etc.

When battling with enemies, you can send for the light drones to go first
At this point, you have two bases giving two different kinds of units.

One base will give you light drones, the front line units in which they are naturally speedy to engage the enemies in front line.
Also, they get short range guns to deal with other light drones or rocket drones.
You can attack enemies with rocket drones, while you must be in the back when doing so.
In the mean time, you can use a speed up card on your light drones to get them ahead of your rocket drones.

To manage your units, advancing a phase will give you a chance to use more powerful cards with an amount of points.
In related to this, you can go to phase 2 right at the start of a level.
Always consider not to put our units in a tight spot if you need points to play some cards.

Later on, you will have to keep adding new cards to your deck
To get more new cards, you have to clear a campaign level
Afterward, you can then throw it into your deck and manage it well.

At this point, you will have to strategize and experiment your cards so that you will know which one can fit into your deck
In accordance with this, you can use a lot of cards which synergize well with each other, or your units.

Once going through some stages in the game, you can try to play in the challenge mode which will give you multiple booster packs

Sometimes, most of the missions have unique conditions not present in the regular campaign levels.
Early on the mission, the areas will be on fire which will make your units slowly move over time trying to go through there


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