Beginner`s Guides Tutorial of Power Ping Pong iPhone

If you like playing sport game on the go, you may have to play Power Ping Pong as a kungfu twist table tennis game that you can play on ios phones

power ping pong walkthrough ios android

Similar to the real sport, ping pong, you will have to master your backspins and drop shots using intuitive and the best slick touch controls options

With skills that you have got, you will have to deal with a series of oddball Kung Fu fighters from sumo wrestlers to mad scientists and pandas.

To increase your skill, you will have to show your skill in arcade, survival and local or multiplayer mode
Playing in arcade and survival modes will take you to play with ai opponents
Then, you can challenge your friends or any other player online in multiplayer mode

When matching against opponents, you can use lightening fast reflexes against lethal skill shots on the table
According to this skill, you can build up pow energy to set up powerful skill shots that will be useful to deal with tough enemies in a match
In the mean time, you will also be able to use power-ups to beat your rivals multiplayer mode

During the game, always think your way around a paddle when matching any opponent in this game
Early on the game, you can firstly test your skills against Yedai Sensei in Survival mode.

When having a match with him, just swipe in all directions and control over the ball to beat him and to be on top of the leaderboards in this game


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