Beginner`s Guides to Play Snake Splix iPhone

Snake Splix can be said as a new snake multiplayer game which will get you into an online board with other snake players worldwide to rack up score as high as you can.

Along the game, all you will do is to cover board with your own snake color
However, when you are trying to make it happen, always stay alert of the other snakes, the big ones

Early on the game, when jumping into the game, you will see your snake and a bunch of boxes filled in with your color.
Along with it, you must try to capture as many blocks as you can by drawing box shapes then connecting back to your starting mass.
In line with this, just go to the right, down then left back into your starting mass.
At the same time, you can draw box shapes to fill in the empty space in between, so that it can be your territory

Every time, you perform your actions, always watch out for your connecting line, your current origin point which is attached to your mass.
It is caused by colliding your snake with your own connecting line will come to a game over
And, never let other players crash into your connecting line.

On the other side, you can create new boxes.
At this point, if you see another player trying to make a box, just run into their connecting line to take them out.

Meanwhile, you can try to gain new ground by going slowly in the game.
Just starts small, while making small boxes onto your starting mass.

Remember not to make long stretches for giant boxes, since this will make you vulnerable to another player’s attack.
Always consider to ram head first into your connecting line to keep yourself safe.

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